Everyone that has a home, whether they rent or own it will have to pay utilities. These can be pretty expensive as well. These include things like water, gas and electricity and it is worth making sure that we are not paying too much for the services that we are using. There may be some simple changes that you can make which will reduce the cost.

Reducing Water Costs

You will not be able to swap water companies so you cannot compare prices in this way. However, there might be some things that you can do to save money. If you are metered, then it means that you will be paying for every bit of water that you use. This means that if you can cut down your usage then you will save money. There are many different things that you can try and you may even find that you water supplier will have some information about it on their website. Some may even give away things that you can use to reduce the water that you are using – for example items to put in the cistern of the loo so it uses less water when it flushes or in the showerhead to reduce the amount of water going through. You could also try things like turning the tap off when brushing teeth, repairing dripping taps, having short showers instead of baths, putting on bigger washing loads less often and using a bucket to wash the car rather than a hose. If you are not metered, then you can have a meter fitted and it could be cheaper for you than paying the standard rates. There are ways to calculate whether it will be cheaper for you and these are normally that if you have less people than bedrooms then a meter is cheaper as the rates are based on what they calculate people would used and they assume there are as many people as bedrooms in the house. It is worth checking this out and there are calculators online where you can estimate whether it is better to have a meter or not.

Reducing Gas & Electric Costs

Electricity and gas are things that we will all use as well. We may not all have gas but we will all have electric and their uses are similar. It is well worth, making sure that your supplier has a competitive price as that will ensure that you are not paying more than necessary. Make sure you check this every six months or every year so that you keep paying a good price. Also try not to use more than necessary. Turn things off when you are not using them and make sure that you are only using them when necessary. It can be tempting to keep heating on when we are out to keep the house warm etc but this is expensive and it will not take too long to warm up once you get in. Having thermostats, you can set and even smart control of your heating can be handy. It can also be good to think about whether you can turn it down or switch it off at times. Of course, insulation and good windows can also help a lot and some people can get these changes or fitted for free so that can be well worth investigating.

These might seem like small changes but they will all add up. Our utilities bill can be pretty high and a big percentage of what we pay out each month and so by making these changes and saving money in different areas, it could make a big impact on what we pay out each month.